Technical Data

Super Radiator Coils has been engineering and building custom coils since 1928. During that time we have accumulated a vast array of technical knowledge, experience, and resources concerning finned tube heat exchangers and how they are applied.

  • Glossary
    Definitions of terms relating to the heat transfer industry.
  • Common Equations
    Commonly used equations for coil specification and approximation.
  • Literature
    Flyers, brochures, and technical sheets published by Super Radiator Coils.
  • Helpful Links
    Links to other sites that have additional information, resources and software tools concerning their products or services that relate to coils and their application.
  • Helpful Software
    Information and links to sites offering software that will assist with the technical aspects of coil design, thermal performance, unit conversions, and viewing/printing of forms and drawings.
  • Spec Sheets
    Specification sheets used for getting a quote.

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