Shipping & Handling

Crate and Ship

We provide the following order shipping times. Coils requiring certain certifications, special materials or parts, specific handling, or non-stocked components may take longer.

  • 4 Weeks for new coil orders that have to be engineered and designed.
  • 3 Weeks for coils previously manufactured by Super Radiator Coils.
  • 8 Working days for straight forward replacement coils when our sales representatives are utilized to provide the required physical design details
  • Expedited coils in as little as 24 hours.

Note that these ship times from our facility are subject to the following:

  • Engineering and design complexity of the coil
  • Shop work loading at the time of the request.
  • Post-production steps, coatings, passivation or a second party’s participation are not inclusive in these shipping times.
  • Expedited service (Must be discussed with our sales department before ordering.)
  • Expedited coil price will vary by the required shipping time from our facility


Each of our coils are examined by production personnel and carefully handled and packaged to minimize marks and scrapes. Other product handling services we provide are:

  • Attachment of additional components to the coil, simplifying coil installation and allowing direct shipment to the end customer.
  • Post-production cleaning.
  • Temporary protective coatings applied to coils susceptible to surface corrosion that are not immediately put into service.


Each coil is tagged with a Super Radiator Coils serial number making it easy to obtain technical information or order the same coil in the future.

Additional options include:

  • Optional stamped markings
  • Coil supply and return connections and airflow direction labels
  • Customers can have their nameplates, tags or name brand applied to our coils, and shipped using either their own or a generic bill of lading.
  • Other special tagging services such as bar coding


Super Radiator Coils designs and builds coils that are routinely exported worldwide. We can provide coils with internationally recognized certifications and package them to ensure that they arrive pristine and leak-free.

We have three facilities, each in a different location and US time zone, allowing us to provide extended hours of technical assistance, and to ship items from the closest US port of export.

Our engineering staff works closely with customers to understand their regional needs and guarantee quality, performance, and durability. After a consultation, you will receive the coil’s performance capabilities along with a drawing for approval to assure that the coil you receive will fit and perform as required.

All exported coils are charged internally with a low-pressure nitrogen gas and packaged in full wood crates. Optional coatings, plastic wrapping and packing foam are offered to further protect the coil. These export services help to ensure that the coil is received free of damage and corrosion.

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