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Our coil software facilitates the selection and rating of coil designs for a wide variety of applications, from standard HVAC&R usage to more complex designs meeting the needs of OEM’s serving other industries and specialized industrial processes.

For standard HVAC&R applications, the program will provide optimized designs with a minimum of user input for air cooling, dehumidifying and heating coils using chilled and hot water, ethylene and propylene glycol, steam, evaporating and condensing refrigerants.

The program also provides selection and rating of coils outside the normal HVAC&R temperature range and virtually any single-phase tube side fluid using user-supplied transport properties. The user is able to choose from more than 30 different fin and tube patterns in a wide variety of materials to ensure the most suitable heat transfer geometry is selected along with the right combination of materials to meet the most demanding physical, chemical and thermal environments.

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