Our History

Super Radiator Coils was established in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1928 by three businessmen and a young engineer named Merrill Benson. Benson’s knowledge of heat transfer initially gained had been through his experience in working with a plumbing contractor in Wisconsin named Rubin Trane.


Super Radiator Coils is established, in Minneapolis, MN offering a limited product line of freestanding steam coils and steam unit heaters.


The product line is expanded to include coils for refrigeration and other applications.


Super Radiator Coils is acquired by McQuay, Inc.


A plant is built in Richmond, VA, as part of a strategy to locate several facilities across the U.S. to serve the low volume, custom heat exchanger market.


McQuay is purchased by Snyder General.


Super Radiator Coils employees, with support from a venture capital group, purchase Super Radiator Coils from Snyder General.


The company becomes wholly owned by its key employees.


Super Radiator Coils purchases Sing-Air in Gardena, California and establishes a new facility in Phoenix, AZ.

1997 – 2001

The Minneapolis operation moves to Chaska, Richmond doubled office and production space to 112,000 sq. feet and Phoenix also expanded its facility. Super Radiator Coils now has more than 200,000 square feet of production floor space corporate-wide.


Phoenix purchases the building next door of 20,000 square feet for the Custom Air Coolers product line, expanding total production space to 50,000 square feet.


State-of-the-Art Wind Tunnel Test Lab is built in the Richmond, VA facility.

Our Future

Super Radiator Coils’ facilities have space for additional growth. Our owners are committed to providing the resources required for the development of new products and manufacturing techniques. Currently, we are engineering products for the latest in renewable energy sources, fuel cells and nuclear power generation. We are building coils with materials once considered exotic and we are staying abreast of the newest refrigerants. More established industries will benefit from our traditional products when process lines are updated or repaired. Companies developing new ideas will find us ready to help with the latest in custom coil manufacturing. We believe in investing in our personnel to continually provide customers with quality products, personal service, and technological advancements. Super Radiator Coils is and will continue to be the specialists in heat transfer solutions.

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